About Us

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Weekend Extensions (WX) began as a lawn care service in 1990 by an ambitious eleven year old boy with a push mower and neighborhood lawn route in the Bay Lake Area. This boy, George Jukish, expanded the lawn care service throughout high school and college to include snow removal and dock and lift services. He attended the University of MN Duluth earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2002. After running the business from Duluth, he returned home to focus on the company as a full time career. George's wife, Kristy, who earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education from the University of MN Duluth, handles the general office management. She also has an even greater task of caring for their three children, Gabe, Nolan and Aubrey.

The dock and lift portion of the business left the greatest opportunity for growth and expansion. George quickly realized that sustainable productivity required the design and fabrication of specialized equipment rather than relying entirely on manual labor. He engineered and manufactured several barges in order to efficiently and delicately place shoreline equipment in the spring and fall seasons. During this same time the sole proprietorship evolved into what it is today, a Limited Liability Company.

The key to quickly, safely and correctly installing waterfront systems requires an experienced staff. We have a unique arrangement for our employees to ensure stability to the nature of our seasonal work. As the spring rush of dock and lift install schedule slows some of our crew moves to the lawn care service where they are needed until the fall dock and lift rush begins all over again. As the winter grips the lakes area the crew then moves indoor our 88'x64' heated shop to clean and store our customers' boat lift canopies. With the exception of an 18 hour snow removal route for our three pieces of machinery, winter is the season for us to relax with and enjoy our families.

Much thanks and appreciation goes to our most seasoned and dedicated employee, Dustin Honsey. Without his experience, hard work and commitment to WX our service could not be what it is today. Dustin's attention to details ensures that the reliable service WX is based on continues as it grows. 

Weekend Extensions is here to stay. Despite having been in business for over 25 years, we are still young and have built this company to operate until our children take it over if they so choose. We have carved out a niche with a stable demographic in an area where we were born, raised and love to call home. We are focused on and dedicated to providing a valuable service company to the Brainerd Lakes Area.