2020 has proven to be a year full of firsts for everyone including our business.  We realize that many of you are quarantining at your lake homes which has put even more pressure on us this year.  We are getting pulled in many directions at once instead of being able to spread out the installs over the course of the spring.  We have 2 crews and barges running all day, every day. We are doing our best to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible.  We can't answer everyone's question of when your equipment will be in the water, but we can assure you that once the ice is off (this year was 4/15) we begin our installs and finish all of our accounts within 5 weeks.  Please be patient and know that we too, wish that everyone could be first!  

**Please call or email only.  Please do not send text messages as we do not always get them.  Our work cell and office numbers are often forwarded to other numbers and unfortunately the texts do not get forwarded.  Thank you!