Canopy Services

Canopy covers are an expensive and delicate part of your lakeshore equipment system. They protect your boat from the sun, rain and airborne dirt. In order to get the longest serviceable life from each cover they need to be handled properly and cared for to keep them looking nice.

Each spring and fall we install and remove the covers correctly with a crew during our normal seasonal service. We also offer a canopy cleaning and storage service that will greatly improve the look and life of the canopy. By properly washing, drying and storing the cover, the moisture, dirt and mildew that breaks down the fabric is cleaned off before storage.

The majority of our customers have found for the most hassle free boating experience, they leave the removal, laundering, storage and install all to Weekend Extensions.

During the cleaning process, all of the covers are inspected to check for loose stitching of seams and the covers are sent out to be re-seamed for a fraction of the cost to replace the cover. Considering that a typical re-seaming fee is around $125.00 and the canopy replacement is $900.00-$1500.00, it is usually a no-brainer if the canopy material is in good condition.

For those covers that have exceeded their useful life or you simply want to change the color of your canopy, Weekend Extensions is a full line dealer for Minnesota Boat Lift Vinyl and offers replacement covers for every brand and size of lift. You can choose from three grades of canopy covers; the Price Fighter (a budget vinyl), Premium (a heavy duty vinyl) and the Seamark Fabric (the ultimate in looks and durability).

For questions on canopy services or sales, click on the contact us link.

Weekend Extensions will also take drop offs at our location to launder covers for customers who install/remove their own cover(s) or have another company that does not offer the care services.