Spring Installation & Fall Removal

WX is the only service in the area capable of heavy over the water work with the use of our custom designed barge.

For those of you who have seen our barges in action you already know how well we are tooled to efficiently handle waterfront equipment. If you are not familiar with the barges, here is a brief explanation:

Fittingly labeled the "Big Barge" is our 40' long 12 ½' wide flat bottomed steel hull barge with a 42' squirt boom forklift. Mounted on a traveling base, it can run fore and aft 28' for extended reach and will pivot the boom and its 15' forks + and - 45 degrees. In combination with the 20' powered downriggers to hold the barge in place on windy days the articulation of the forks allows us to set a lift precisely near the dock or weave it through the trees on the bank. With its powerful hydraulic system doing the work instead of manpower, we have virtually no injuries and can keep a crazy pace all season long.