Spring Installation & Fall Removal

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No other company is better equipped to handle your seasonal dock and lift installation or removal. Our barge service is second to none. With the investment in the construction of a 40' barge fitted with a 42' telescoping boom we can handle any lift with the utmost in care. After our experienced crew installs the dock, this barge will delicately lift and place any boat lift in the water or onto the shore without damage to the lift or your delicate lakeshore property. We pick the lift straight up and do not drag it in or out of the water, ensuring your lakefront landscaping does not get harmed. While other companies may struggle with the large lifts capable of hoisting today's large boats, we can handle anything with ease and care.

Because your lakefront is the most viewed and enjoyed area of your property, we install all of your equipment perfectly level every time. Straight and level equipment not only look great, but work best. Let us get it right the first time!

Even before the ice breaks up on the main bodies of water our installation crew has already been at work in the narrow flowing waters of Upper Gull and the Daggett Brook. As the ice leaves the Area Lakes it does so in a predictable pattern starting with Upper Gull, Bay Lake, Gull Lake, and then the Whitefish Chain. By focusing on each body of water as the ice goes out and completing it before we move on, we have found it much more efficient than jumping from lake to lake. By sticking to this routine we complete a higher volume of daily work, ultimately getting everyone in with the fewest days of open water missed. Our spring routine includes installing the dock, lifts, canopy covers, electric cords and accessories in one stop, assuring your system is completely ready for boats the same day.

Each fall goes much the same way, starting with the smaller bodies of water that freeze first and ending on the lakes that remain open later. Our dock crew runs ahead of the lift barge in the fall and removes the canopy covers for cleaning and storage then pulls the dock to be neatly racked on the shoreline. The lifts are left in the water for the "Big Barge" to place on shore during a single pass around each lakes perimeter once all of our docks have been removed.