Equipment Repair

All mechanical devices need routine maintenance and your dock and lifts are no exception. Boat lifts lead a pretty harsh life and wear and corrosion affect all brands.

Weekend Extensions can troubleshoot, diagnose and repair all brands of boat lifts and dock. We have a service crew out on the water as needed making service call repairs. Some typical repairs include:

  • Cable & Pulley Replacement—corroded and broken cables are replaced with factory assemblies
  • Worn Clutches—we inspect and maintain clutches for smooth raising and braking operation
  • Lubricate Pulleys—allows smooth and low effort cranking
  • Direct Drive—sales, installation and maintenance of AC or DC drive motors
  • Hydraulic Lifts—motor and pump repair and maintenance. When was the last time your hydraulic lift had an oil change?
  • Storm Damage—high winds flip lifts and boats every summer. WX can help with the recovery, insurance estimate and repair of your lift and dock to put it back to a like new condition.

To avoid any midsummer downtime from equipment failure, ask about our off season lift inspection and maintenance service.